mismatched_sock (mismatched_sock) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Losing cups - when would you decide it was time to stop and switch back..

So apparently i am REALLY BAD at keeping track of my cups when i am in differnet surroundings then normal.. When i was in india last fall, i lost my divacup, and when i got home i realized that i had lost my mooncupUK... so i ordered another mooncup and had used it for about 7 months before i went to summer camp!!! Then this summer at camp i lost my cup there too... Thats 3 cups in 2 years.. I love cups, and tampons now make me feel like i am being shot in the cervix by a torpedo.. I use cloth pads, and apparently i don't lose them as much, and i have been known to use one instead cup for an entire cycle.. But i LOVE using a cup instead of instead or pads, it just feels better!!! I switched to cups for environmental/social issues.. And now love them for those reasons, and comfort as well... I don't know if i should bother ordering another one when i know i will just lose it.. Hmmmm... I feel like there needs to be some tipping point when the enviormental impact of all that wasted silicone must come into contact with the amount of waste from using organic cotton/bamboo tampons.. I just don't know where it is.. Anyone else have a tendency to lose cups? (i also go through a cell phone about every 6 months.. They LOVE to swim and fly down stairs!)
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