Sundog (blkrabbitofinle) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi folks, another one having extreme difficulty getting the diva cup to work!

I have the Size 1 diva cup. I've had this for about a year, trying it most periods, and it just isn't working. I managed to get a seal over the cervix when I first used it, based on other posts I've read, which was horribly painful to remove. Since then I've had no trouble with the putting it in or taking it out, but I cannot for the life of me get a seal.

I've tried all sorts of things I've read in communities and forums. I've tried the different folds; the regular one, the punch-down, the 7-fold, the origami. I haven't tried the labial fold so I might give it a try tomorrow. I've tried putting it in on different angles (the cup; e.g. with the round of the fold at the bottom, at the sides, etc). I've tried letting it open before it's too far in, and I've tried getting it in as far as I can before it opens (at what point should I let it pop?). Once it's in I've tried doing kegels, wiggling it around, pulling it down and pushing it back up, tried pulling my knees up to my chest, squatting, and a few other borderline-acrobatic tricks to get it to open properly. There's only been a couple of times when I've actually felt it distinctly 'pop' open, though it still didn't seal, but most of the time I don't even get that. It just seems to slowly unfold as I'm inserting it.

No matter what angle I've got the folds at when I insert it, it's always the 'top' side (towards my belly) that isn't unfolding properly.

I'm getting so frustrated. Every other 'problem' posts I read talk about people taking a whole 4-6 periods before they get the hang of it, and I've had this damn thing for over a year and it just isn't happening. My friends use it and say how great it is, and they only had minimal problems getting it in. I really want to use it!

Is it possible that there's something physically amiss in terms of the shape/angle/depth of my vagina? How could I determine that if so? I've read some people who've said that changing brands made a huge difference but I just can't afford the money for brand after brand that might not work. :(

Has anyone got any suggestions at all? I'll try anything at this stage!
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, leakage & spotting
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