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What to try next

Just want to say hello, as I'm new here.
I've been using a Mooncup UK for the past half year. I really love it! Love having a cup, and can't believe I never heard of them until my young cousin went to England and told me about her new cup. I'm in the market for a back up cup. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get another Mooncup UK sent to the US.

I'm looking at the Meluna or Lunette. I like the idea that the Meluna is rather stiff and has great suction from reviews, but I was getting the sense that it isn't much larger of a capacity then Mooncup UK. I would like a cup with a slightly larger capacity for day 2 of my period. I end up having to take the Mooncup out every few hrs. Would the Lunette be a better choice? I worry that it isn't as sturdy, though, and may have more leakage issues.

Regarding size, I figure if I use a Mooncup UK size A, then I would need a Meluna size L? Which Lunette size corresponds best with the Mooncup A?

I appreciate any help.
Tags: brand comparisons, lunette, meluna

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