amberlenore (amberlenore) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My vagina swallows my cup!

So, I looked though memories about insertion, and had no luck finding an answer (although I am sure my issue is common). I tried out my diva cup for the first time last cycle and had a very bad experience. When I inserted it, my vaginal muscles pulled it up near my cervix. I inserted in low, but as I moved around it moved higher and higher.

When I went to take it out, it was up so high I couldn't reach it! That combined with the suction made it damn near impossible. I have a long vagina and a very posterior cervix, so it was really stuck in there. I had to have my dude fish around in there and take it out. It took forever!

I tried insertion a few more times, same issue. I really want to have success this coming cycle! What the heck should I do??
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