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my cup won't stay in!

 I started out with a DivaCup before I found this community and the before I ever saw the size chart (which is SOO helpful!)  It protruded all the time.  

I realized with the help of all the info posted here that my cervix is extremely low.  In fact, I think at certain times of the month, I am almost prolapsing.  I've had two children and carried both of them very low.  

After studying the sizing chart , I got a UK Mooncup (large size) and it works better.  I cut the stem off entirely.  For the first couple of days of my period, it works well, but then the next few days, it gradually rides lower and lower, and if I cough or sneeze or sit down the use the bathroom, I have to nudge it back up inside me.  I can almost always feel it against my labia.  

I've been kegeling like crazy for months, and it doesn't seem to be helping.  

So last month, on the last day of my period, when I was really only spotting a little, I was wearing the cup while out at a park with my 2 young children, 18 months and 3 and 1/2 years.  The three year old suddenly stripped off his clothes and took off running, apparently deaf to my calls to come back and put his clothes on.  --What on earth goes on in their little pea-brains sometimes??  :-)   As he was about to round the curve in the path where I couldn't see him anymore,  I grabbed the little one, strapped him into my backpack child carrier, and took off running after DS1.  

And right then, the entire damn cup popped right out of me!  As if I wasn't already pissed about our little naked chase around the park...now I was REALLY mad!  ;-)  I guess I can giggle a little about it now, but...

I'm just glad it wasn't earlier in my period when there would have been a cupful of blood pouring down my leg.  

So any ideas about how to get this to work better?  It almost seems like I need a cup that is wider and shorter.  
Does anyone have suggestions?  As far as positioning, I usually insert it, run my finger around the top and make sure my cervix is inside the cup--it pretty much just sits down IN the cup, it's so low.  

Like I said, I've done kegels like crazy the past few months.  I even bought a KegelMaster to make sure I was doing them right and hopefully increase strength and tone faster.  

This month I'm afraid the leave the house until my period is over. Grrr.  

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