wernotalone (wernotalone) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Weird cervix touching story.

So tonight, I'm getting ready for bed and emptying and rinsing my cup. For some reason, it was really hard to break the seal, so I'm digging around trying to collapse one side so that I can wash my face and get to bed at a decent human hour, and I feel like, this island in the middle of my vagina. Understandably, I was a little weirded out by this, as it's never happened before. So I eventually break the seal, figuring somehow I sealed it to a wall of my vag and suctioned this thing into existence in the slight struggle to get my cup out.

I'm feeling around making sure everything is cool in there before I put my cup back and I run my finger over what feels like a tiny doughnut. Actually, my first thought was that it felt like a fancy decorative washer, only fleshy and less metal, but I'm weird like that.

It's kind of shocking to feel your cervix after months of trying to find it, first to size out a cup for yourself, then to see how close an IUD string would get to your cup.

Also, I figured if anyone would appreciate a cervix story, it would be this community, and I had to tell someone. I doubt anyone I know would understand my excitement.
Tags: cervix position

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