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My mini DivaCup story + buttons/pins to show support!

Hi everyone,

I switched from pads to my DivaCup about a year ago. I was scared at first... and didn't know that you were supposed to break the suction before yanking it out (yikes)! As a result, I stopped trying for one cycle before I finally found the courage to try it again, this time using my past experiences to my benefit.

My first cycle with the cup was amazing. No leaks, no issues. It was very difficult to get the cup in the first time (it took about 20 minutes of struggling), but once I did it was an unbelievable feeling of, "I DID IT!!" :o)

I've been using the DivaCup ever since and although it leaks sometimes, I'm so happy to be free of pads. I have always felt so guilty about throwing away so many pads and such. Nowadays, it's great to just empty out the cup.

(Off-topic for a very brief moment but related, I promise!)
I started a little button business about a week ago and well, I wanted to make a DivaCup button to show my support for the product.

I'm selling these 1 1/4" (1.25 inch) buttons/pins for $1.50 each + shipping :)
If shipped within the United States, add +$2 shipping
If shipped outside the United States, add +$2.50 shipping

Understandably, many of you may not use the DivaCup, so if you would like a button that says "I love my Mooncup" or whatever you want to show support for, then just tell me! I can customize the button to say whatever you'd like.

I can also customize colors, so if you're not fond of a pink representation of the cup then why not? Neon green may tickle your fancy. :)

PayPal only; I ship worldwide from New York.
Post here if you're interested in buying or e-mail me at vickinatorsales @ !

EDIT: I changed the image to reflect the button design change! :]

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