lipvixen (lipvixen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette for sale

I have had my Lunette I guess a little over a year and a half or less. I tried using it for a few cycles and never could get it to seal. I stuck with my Large Diva and Mooncup uk. The Lunette has not been used in a LONG time. It didn't work for me so she has been hiding out in her baggy. No since in me keeping it anymore and I have no one to gift it to. Been washed and boiled before it was put away. Stem has been trimmed to a little less than half its original length. Its large size. If anyone is interested comment and we can email the details. I have paypal. Price is 33$ shipping/handling included.

Just for those maybe wondering, I am clean, no diseases. No yeast infections, ever. No BV or other infections. I am monogamous and married with children. So if your interested feel free to contact me:)

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