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So just a couple of things.

I've been using my model 1 Divacup for about six months now, I believe. I LOVE it. I think I'm pretty lucky that I found one I liked almost directly off the bat. I think I'm actually getting to the point where I may be brave enough to lop off some of the stem because though my cervix seems to like to stay in the same spot, for some reason the stem will bend against my pubic bone, NOT so comfortable. But I really have no complaints. I'm going to the gyno in a couple of weeks before I head off to college again, and i'm definitely bringing it with me in case she hasn't heard about it.

I've told a few of my friends from college about the cup and some of them seemed very interested in it, and a couple of them sounded like they might actually get one. I told my mom about it as well, and she suggested to me that I tell my two older cousins about it. I'm not sure how to broach the subject to them because although i am close to them, I've never really talked to them about stuff to that nature. I think it will be easier than the other person I want to tell about them, which is my 10-year old cousin who just started her period not long ago. I don't know how to tell her about it because she's so young, but I also don't want her to not know about the other option that is there that most people don't tell you about. I know that I can't stand the thought of using tampons again. Every time I see a tampon commercial, I think for a second, and am like, "I have somethinig that works wayy better for me." I had one in my purse for awhile just in case I didn't have my cup and my period surprised me or I began spotting, but even that makes me shudder a little. Any advice on how to broach the subject with my cousins would be amazing. one of them has had two kids, one has an IUD (I don't know what type), and like I said, the other is 10, turning 11.

Thank you in advance :)
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