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: ) My lovely MooncupUK

This is my second cycle using a menstrual cup.
Last cycle was a mixed success: the very first use was fantastic. Easy insertion and no leakage. Must have been beginner's luck, because for the rest of the cycle my cup leaked.

From the tips I got on here I figured that the leakage was due to the positionning of the cup. My vagina is shortish and the cervix would come to sit on the rim... causing leakage.
So I checked internally to make sure my cervix was pointing into the cup.

That is how I started out on this, second, cup cycle and lo and behold - no more mess!  : )
A wee bit of pink "spotting", probably vag moisture tinged with blood from the vag walls.
I am going to make myself some cotton pantyliners.
It would be great to be able to insert the cup without having to double check internally, but if this is not the case, I can live with that. Any tips on forgoing the internal check are very welcome.

I do not feel my cup, I get in in and out in a breeze. I rode my horse today, no leaks.
I am so thrilled with the concept of the menstrual cup that I told my pharmasist. She looked at me as if I was insane : (
Anyhow, I am continuing to spread the word.

Now I am wondering how to sanatize it in the microwave. How do you do that?

Tags: cleaning - sterilising solution, first time use, success stories
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