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New and Happy with my Cup!

I found this community a few days ago, frustrated with the discomfort of tampons and not wanting that diaper feeling I get with pads. Especially since I'm regularly playing soccer in the fall/spring seasons, I needed something convenient that wasn't painful (tampons have never been successful in that). So I did some online researching, finding the company site for Insteads and decided to give them a try since my period had just started and I didn't want to opt for pads.

Well, they worked okay except the cup wouldn't stay in place. It kept slipping down (either by itself over time or if I flexed the wrong muscle) and would hurt really bad, so I couldn't wear it for more than 3-4 hours at a time before I had to take it out or try and push it back into a comfortable place. That just wouldn't do for me.

So I overcame my concern about trying an "official" cup and went to my local health food store the following day to buy a diva cup. I'm SO glad I did! Sorry that I wasted the $8 for the first experiment, but it definitely helped me feel more comfortable with sticking something in myself so the learning curve wasn't quite as steep for me. Best of all, no leaks! I feel like I'm one of the few success stories, but I just wanted to share my happiness at finding these amazing contraptions of modern science. I'm a convert!
Tags: divacup, success stories

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