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Slow learner but now don't even use pads as backup!

I wanted to post about my experience of using the menstrual cup as a way of giving back to this community - this is the most useful website that I found when I was learning to use it. I live in Australia and was lucky to even hear of a 'menstrual cup' while browsing some forum based in the US. Nowadays I see graffiti on women's toilets at my uni and it's pretty awesome (I frown but the smile)!

I ordered a Divacup from eBay (US) in size 1 (I'm 24). The only cup legally allowed to be sold here is the Keeper (looked kinda icky and not very modern so I picked silicone). Aside from all the pros (you're already aware of) I also based my decision on my heavy periods which ended up costing a fortune in good comfortable pads. Also the cup has helped to minimise infections (yeast and urinary). At the same time I also ordered some cloth pads made locally (also not very big in Australia) as backup. Don't get me started on having a luxury item tax on hygiene products!

It took me 3-4 periods to finally feel comfortable using the cup. Firstly, I used to experience severe pain from inserting it too high (and it ended up suctioning onto the cervix!) and always leaked. At some point I read on here to insert it so it is directly under the cervix, then un-suction it by squeezing air out of it to allow a seal and gently pull it down until it sits comfortably. Funnily enough this is not explained everywhere and was basically all I needed to know make it work.

On the point of cleaning: I'm not willing to import special cleaning products from US/UK and boiling didn't work so opted for Steradent (a denture cleaning tablet :S). It works extremely well (fast and zero effort) but as I read recently it could end up degrading silicon a little quickly and needs to be air dried well.

Too bad I can't manage to get any of my friends interested - and I consider them very open minded on most issues.

Here's to Australia becoming more civilised!

Tags: cleaning - sterilising solution, divacup, seal & suction, success stories, teething troubles

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