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successful first attempt with the lunette

 I finally got my lunette and had the opportunity to try it out today! It is a small, and wow it actually looked smaller than I had pictured it. It took me about ten minutes to insert, first I tried the origami fold and the punch -down fold, but it wouldn't open. Then I decided to try the c fold and it worked second time! However, I immediately removed it because I panicked a bit. I put it back in, again with the c fold, and I was good to go. 

My thoughts:

- NO leaks at all, which was a mild problem for me with tampons. I left it in for nine hours and it was only a third full. I also didn't get that heavy feeling that I would get with a full tampon. 

- I did not trim the stem. I honestly couldn't feel it and although I didn't actually use it for removal, I like having it there to make sure the cup is not working its way up out of reach. I like the lunette has a flexible stem, I think that helped. 

- I also ordered a large lunette for my Mom to try, it is way firmer than the small! I am not putting that thing anywhere near me for at least 20 more years. 

- About an hour after I put it in I felt sore/tender, but it went away quickly. After that I felt less sore than I normally do and I noticed that normal clear fluids were actually still present on the other side of the cup, which meant I wasn't drying up. 

All in all, a good experience. I love that I can wear it safely overnight (which I will be trying tonight) and that seeing as this is a "heavy" day for me, which I realize now must be fairly light comparatively, I can go all day at school without emptying. And no leaks. I am very happy with it so far. By the way, I am a virgin, and despite this I didn't have too much trouble inserting/removing, so don't be scared off if you are a virgin. 

Tags: first time use, lunette, success stories, virginity
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