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What to try next? Help!

This is my first post, although I've been scouring the site trying to find an answer. I have been using the Diva cup for 8 or cycles. I started with the large (2), since I've had two children albeit via c-section. I questioned this tho bc I wasn't able to deliver my children vag bc I was too small (they got stuck). Anyhow, after about 3 months of trying and not being able to get it to pop open consistently, I switched to the Diva 1. I've been much more pleased with the fit, however my success rate is not consistent. Last month I had no problem, today I might as well have not had it in for all the mess it made after an hour, so I used a backup pad, which soaked through. The cup was full when I emptied it both times (after a few hours).

My DH is really praising my determination on this (considering I have a real Yuck issue with "things down there." I've been pretty proud of myself too to be honest. I'm not all icked out about it like I always was with a tampon, don't know why. I digress . . .

So, I'm thinking it's time I move on to another brand. It seems as though many of you have. Where should I go from here. Most of the time my Diva 1 opens up, although I rarely can get it to spin. Today seemed like I got it in great, but I was wrong. That is the other problem  . . . I never know until it's too late. UGH. Help. What brand, what size??? I don't want to have to buy them all! BTW I don't know if I'm correct about this, but in the comparison You tube video it seemed that the Diva 1 was similar in size to many of the other brands larger sizes.
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