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meLuna review

Hello all,
Here's my review of the MeLuna size medium with ball stem:

First, some background:
I am a 21 year old sexually active gay gal, and I have used the diva cup size 1 (the smaller size) for over a year. I would describe my flow as medium-heavy, and I have always been pretty intimately acquainted with my intimate bits. I never had a problem using the diva cup; I actually got it to work on my first try when I began using it.

Now, the review:
A few weeks ago I bought the size medium red MeLuna with the ball stem off their website. Since I have been on vacation for a week and didn't have a chance to get my mail, I was only able to use my diva cup for the first 2 days of my period. I got home this morning and was able to get my meLuna from the mail.

First, aesthetically, it is a very nice looking cup. The red color is slightly orange/pink, but very vibrant. As you can see from some previously posted pictures, the rim is quite large and there are just two holes (as opposed to the diva's four, I believe). The material feels thicker than the diva cup and more springy. I was also surprised at how much smaller it is than the diva cup, especially in length.

Insertion was easy. I use the punch down fold, and the meLuna folds very small because it is so pliable. I often have to take a little time to get the diva to pop open, rotating it multiple times, but the meLuna opened immediately and completely.

Once inside, it felt great. I couldn't feel the ball stem or the cup at all. Often with the Diva, I can feel it for a little after I insert it, especially at the base near the stem. I couldn't feel the meLuna at all, whether that was because of the different stem, the shorter length, or the different material, I couldn't tell. I also tried clenching my muscles and I couldn't feel it.

Removal was a bit more difficult. I usually remove my diva cup by pulling slightly on the stem while baring down, and then grabbing the base of the cup and pulling it out. However, the ball stem on the meLuna was very slippery and it was hard for me to get a grip on it, especially because of my short nails. Even after I got a grip on the base of the cup, the material is very slippery. It still only took me about 15 seconds to remove, but compared to the 2 seconds it takes me to remove my diva cup, that was annoying.

Washing was easy and the holes got a lot cleaner than the diva cup. It is also nice that the ball stem can't collect blood like the hollow stem of the diva cup.

Considering how small the medium is, the small would be perfect for a first time user nervous about the size of cups. I'd also recommend the cup for the colors and for people who have trouble getting their cups to pop open. In regards to stems, I would probably get a ring stem if I got one again, though I don't know if that would be less slippery to grip. This is my only complaint however, and I'll probably be able to figure out a more efficient way to remove it soon!
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