Sarah (lewistheclark) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How I got the thing out.

This is for those in panic who need specific instructions, like I did.

First time use of a size 1 DivaCup. Insertion went fine, standing in the shower, though I had slippery fingers and had to go through three folds until the "punch down" fold worked on the second try. It popped open and I couldn't feel a thing all day, no leaks.

Four hours later I tried to remove it. I could barely fit both my thumb and index inside at the same time and when I could feel the stem, I couldn't grasp it at all, even while bearing down. I started to panic and considered getting help, but I gave up and tried again two hours later.

What finally worked was sitting, leaning only slightly forward on the toilet, far back on the seat so my hand could hang through. I grabbed the stem with my (right hand) thumb on the exact left of my vagina and index on the right (my vagina seems wider across than up-and-down) and I wiggled the cup while pulling and bearing down as congruently as possible. Eventually I needed to use my fingernails to grip the stem, and then I could squeeze the bottom of the cup, and then it popped out a bit painfully.

My vulva was painfully swollen but I was more relieved than anyything.
Tags: divacup, first time use, removal - painful or problems

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