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The gothcups arived!

Thanks to www.femininewear.co.uk I have my new Fleurcup black arived today and I've cleaned it up and already done a dry run. I needed to trim the stem off as always but just because it pokes me it wont poke everybody to have a stem. The suction is far more than the mooncup and even supprised me a bit. It also looks much less like a sergical appliance and more like a lovely black squishy egg cup. No writeing on it ether so less chance of stains and more chance of not haveing an advert for a product stuck where a woman wants no adds. You'd think that would be the only place you can escape namebrands. The mooncup opens easely but it seems to be because it is tougher around the lip where as the fleurcup is quite touch around the hole thing well other than the stem.

The holes are a little bigger than on the mooncup and a little more prone to blocking.

Removal is a little harder because of the suction but when that things poped and positiond fine theres no moveing it without the normal prosedure for pulling it out.

The black color isnt strong black but it is a nice dark color and easely enough to make it look nothing like something you'd find in a plumbers kit. I actualy quite like the more subtle color It looks less likely to draw attention to itself if by some chance it escapes from its bag. Also reminds me of some lovely disheswe have kicking around the house with a grey tint that makes them easy to see yet is lovely and subtle. It also looks exactly like the cup on the LJ feminine wear ladies icon.

Theres pros and cons with every cup and got to say my little goth cup as I've nicknamed this perticuler one is lovely. The goth cup is my main cup and going into the purple bag where as the mooncup is going into the little black bag and going in my handbag as an emergancy one.

Oh and thanks for the sweeties and postit notes. Hopefuly we can get more people useing these things and helping the inviroment instead of slowoy destroying it.

Thankyou again for letting me get a cup that matches my clothes! *grins*
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