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First timer here!!!

Hello ladies!
I just got my fleurcup (I'm european) and thought I'd share my experience. I've ordered the small size because I'm 25 and never had any kids. When I took it out of the package, it looked extremely small, but I quickly got over that and started practicing on the different types of folds. For me, the C and punch down folds were the best. 

To give you some background info, I got my period at 13, started with pads, managed to use applicator tampons 3 years later and about an year ago I managed to use regular OB tampons. They always felt like they were ripping my insides so I had given up on trying to get used to them. When I knew about cups, I loved the idea, specially because I wouldn't be trowing away so much garbage every month!

I read the instructions manual and boiled it for 5 minutes, as it was advised. I put it upside down on a paper towel to dry and when it was fully dried I went to the bathroom for a dry-run. I sat on the toilet like I used to do to insert a tampon and folded the cup. It kept popping open before it was fully inside me. After the 4th or 5th try I managed to put it all the way in. It popped open on its own and the stern was inside me, but hanging low. I got up, walked around and sat down. I couldn't feel it at all. I was soooo pleased!

Removing it was a different story I couldn't break the seal and pinching was hard. I ended up pulling the stern like I would do with a tampon string and grabbing the base until the seal broke and it came out. Overall, I'm really excited about it and can't wait for my period to start!

I have a few questions, though:
1. When I boiled it, it "colored" the tissue, like some red clothes stain white ones pink. Is this normal? I got the black one.
2. is it ok to pull the stern to remove it? what can we do if we can't reach it?
3. Do I have to wash or sterelize it every time I touch it?
4. I used an antibacterial soap meant for intimate hygiene called cyteal. Is this ok?

ETA: Thank you all for your answers. I emailed the company and they told me that both the cup and the dye were safe, and siuggested that the colour might be from the water or the container I used for boiling it (an aluminium pot). Today I boiled it again and it disn't leak anymore, so I guess that happened because it was new.

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