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I'm new here, so I hope I'm doing this right. I have a Mooncup UK which I am using for the first time, and mostly it's fine, but I have a few questions.

1. Why wouldn't the cup leak at night? If it fills up to the little holes, it starts leaking through them, right? So if you're lying down, the cup must be tilted over sideways, and the blood could flow through the holes. Am I missing something here?

2. How do I tell whether the cup has opened inside me? I can't seem to rotate it, and there isn't room to slide my finger around it. Is there another way?

3. I don't understand all the stuff on the group about making sure the cup is covering your cervix, and people saying it's possible for it to be to one side or above it. If it was above the cervix, wouldn't it be in the womb? And if it's in the vagina with a good seal, why wouldn't it just catch everything anyway? I tried to find my cervix to see if it would help work out what was meant, but I couldn't.
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