scrambledtofu (scrambledtofu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Could a small Lunette be the answer?

I have a low cervix and a very heavy flow (about 150ml in 48 hours, the rest of the time is thankfully more moderate).
I already have a small ladycup and large Lunette. Both are comfortable and after practice insertion and removal is fine for both.
I was hoping the 25ml capacity of the large Lunette would be great, but unfortunately my cervix seems to take up the majority of the cup - the *most* I can get it to hold is 15ml, but more often it starts leaking at 7ml. the Ladycup on the other hand seems to reach the holes (11ml) before leaking. So the small Ladycup actually has more useful capacity.
I'm considering trying the small Lunette and hoping that my cervix doesn't fit in, allowing me to get the full 20ml capacity, but having 3 cups seems a little excessive, especially if the new one isn't right.
Does anyone have any words of wisdom?
Tags: cervix position, heavy blood flow, lady cup, lunette
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