Lady Anna Crawley (theaterbrat) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Lady Anna Crawley

New Dorm

I am a cup user, and I also have lived for the past 2 years in a college dorm with public restrooms. This really wasn't that bad, as I rarely saw other people in our restroom so I could empty my cup, step out of the stall, rinse and reinsert. Now I am an upperclassman, and I get to move into the nicest dorm on campus, we have suite style bathrooms that pose a bit of a problem. Our sink is in our dorm room, with a room with a toilet and shower stall in a connecting room that connects to another dorm room. I'd also like to keep my cup use a secret, not that I am embaressed about it, I just don't think that is something everyone in my suite should know. Any ideas how to make the cup work this year? Should I go back to tampons for just this year?
Tags: cleaning

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