Amanda (amandapandapink) wrote in menstrual_cups,

UK Help Purchasing Cup & Diva For Sale

Hello! I'm interested in either a Lunette Selene or Fleurcup, but I'm in the US. I'm looking for someone in the UK who would be willing to receive the cup and ship it to me.

I plan on purchasing from femininewear. She'll ship to anyone within the UK for free, so I'll only have to pay you to ship it to me.

I also have a Diva 1 that I'd like to sell. I have the original packaging, pouch and pin. I trimmed 1/3 of the stem. I used it for one period (I have the receipt that shows I purchased it in early July), but it's just too long for me (I have a low cervix). I tried turning it inside-out, and discovered that it was super comfortable but very difficult to remove that way. Is $18 shipped fair? I will accept paypal, giftcards (Visa, WalMart, Oldnavy...), or US postal money order only.
Tags: buying decisions

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