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Lunette For U.S. Customers

I was going to post this as a comment on someone else's post, but there's a lot of info, and I think this really deserves its own tags and what not.  This is basically for any U.S. women who are interested in getting a Lunete, and/or want to help others get one too.  I was thinking maybe we could start a tradition here where women can take it upon themselves to start a "joint order" at various points during the month.  Not sure yet, but I may even end up doing this myself, eventually... 



Here is an email I got from the Lunette people about something called "Joint Order".   Its for US customers who want a Lunette.  Apparently, the time of Lunette's FDA approval is drawing near, so they are taking orders.  Products will be shipped out after the aprpoval is final.  Basically what happens is, the products come in a pack of 10.  So who ever is willing to be the group leader, can round up 10 women who want to purchase a Lunette.  You collect the money from the other women, and send in your "Joint Order", specifying all the sizes.  After the approval is final, they will ship the cups.  Not sure if they ship them all to you, and you distribute them, or if they go directly tot he customers...   One member here already did this, on this page:

Anyway, here is the email I recieved, explaining the whole thing   (I do have permission to share this information):


Lunette Joint Order
Sizes 1 and 2


10 PCS Lunette Menstrual Cup (packed suitable for envelope forwarding)
10 PCS Lunette Disinfecting Wipes

Promotional Stickers
Promotional Leaflets          
PRICE:  $250 Including Shipping to the U.S. From Finland


The Lunette Joint Order is available for customers in continental United States of America. The customer may choose any combination of amounts in sizes 1 and 2, as long as the total amount is 10 PCS. Lune Group Ltd reserves the right to modify the contents or the price of the Lunette Joint Order. Lunette Joint Order will be available for three months following Lune Group’s sales permission in the United States or maximum until the end of year 2009.


The Joint Order is paid beforehand to the account of Lune Group Ltd, or by PayPal to Lune Group’s PayPal account. The delivery date is dependent on Lune Group receiving product approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Pre-ordering is binding. The Joint Order can be purchased by individuals only, not companies. If you wish to become a Lunette seller, please contact us.


Shipments will start when Lunette Menstrual Cup has been approved for sales by FDA, and when the customer has paid the Order. Lune Group is not responsible for any problems associated with sharing the contents of the Joint Order, and is not responsible for the actions of the receiver. We therefore hope you act fair and honest towards the people you share this order with. You don’t need to inform Lune Group about each individual person who will receive a cup from the Order, and one person may, should they so wish, choose to purchase more than one cup from one Order. You are welcome to even purchase all the 10 cups for your personal use. The cups are packed in plastic bags, which can be forwarded in regular envelopes.

Prices exclude insurance, VAT, duties, taxes, and all the possible official costs. According to best of our knowledge, the taxes are expected to be 5% of the value.
How to order:

Email to Please mark clearly the recipient as well as the delivery address. Also mention which method of payment you would like to use.

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