honeybee81 (honeybee81) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Just Won A Moon Cup U.S.!!

I entered that contest where you write a letter explaining your reasons for wanting to try a cup Keeper or Moon Cup US, and if they like your letter best, you win a free cup!  Well, I just checked my email today and-- I won!  YAY! :)

They said they are having another contest, starting on August 15th.  So if you are interested in trying one of those cups, or if you are not doing so good financially, and really want to try your first cup, here is a link to the contest (I had to browse this group to find it):


Just sharing the good news, and encouraging others to go for it!  Also, I think its a good idea for anyone else who wins (I've seen one other person here who did) to let everyone here know, and add the link to your post  keep this awesome contest going for everyone!  This is such a great thing they are doing, gives cup users/fans something to strive for.
Tags: family & friends, keeper, keeper company, keeper moon cup

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