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My cup runneth over.........STILL!!!

Ok, my new green LC is leaking too!!!  BUT what I want to know is 'when is the cup FULL?'  With my Diva, it'd leak when there was hardly anything in it @ times. Now w/my LC, it seems to leak when the flow is about up to the holes.  So is it leaking because it's FULL?   I was thinking the cup should hold up to the rim w/o leaking..........
This is my first cycle w/my new LC & it's going well.  It's not a LOT different from my Diva, still don't think I'd go w/o a cloth backup, but insertion is not as difficult.  With the Diva I had to be very careful inserting every time & try not to remove/insert  too often because I'd get really SORE &  irritated!! But w/the LC insert/remove process is a breeze:-)  I think it's due to the cup being super squishy & for this alone I'm glad I made the purchase.
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