want2ridemybike (want2ridemybike) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Instead and cramping/aching

I am new to menstrual cups and am excited to try them out.  I have otherwise used pads and don't care for how messy they are, but have never been comfortable with tampons. 

I bought a package of Insteads and tried one this afternoon.  I got it in and it seemed to fit right.  I pushed it in as far as I could and it felt like it was behind the pubic bone.  When I stood up and walked around, I could not feel it.  However, a short while later, I started to feel like I was having cramps.  The aching seemed to get worse so I took it out after a couple of hours.  The crampy achiness quickly went away once it was out.

I was very impressed that it had collected the blood and want to try it again!  But I think I must have done something wrong with insertion. Has anyone else had this happen?  What is the source of the pain?  Am I pushing it in "too far" or something, or going at the wrong angle? 

Thanks for any informaiton and advice!

Tags: cramps, instead

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