poofy_sheep (poofy_sheep) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new to cups.. questions!

Hey there! I just want you all to know i got back on livejournal justttt to ask questions. ;)

I'm an 18 year old girl, not a virgin(touch on that later though). I've been a user of pads and tampons for years... but i get so irritated with the pads and i just. dont like tampons.

I've done research on a few different types and have finally settled between 3.

I'm finding advantages and disadvantages to them all.
Meluna seems to be stiff and difficult to get out, which wouldnt be good for my first cup.
Ladycup... well not finding too many bad things! my only complaint is Fwear isnt offering the lilac colored cup. :< hahah and i cant navigate to only buy a cup from Ladycups site to save my life.
Lunette.. again no downsides there from what i see.

So heres my only problems:
Dispite not being a virgin ive always been.. very very tight. dispite being very 'active' im still practically a virgin. I'm wanting a smaller cup and from pictures the meluna is the smallest! Ladycup is the second.
Also im concerned with this whole cervix business!
i noticed when everyone talked about the cups they talk about them sitting close to the cervix... ive never uh. well. i dont really know how/where that is or how to get the cup positioned to be near that.

Im not sure which cup i should pick here, so any advice/suggestions would be great. :)

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