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MeLuna review!

So, here's that MeLuna review finally! Sorry it took so long, things have been busier than I expected. But my period came today AND fearthefear commented to ask me where my review was, both of which were good reminders!

I have mixed feelings about the cup. I have their smaller size and I chose the ball stem. On the one hand, it's the most comfortable cup I've ever worn; on the other hand, it can be more difficult to use than my others.

My background:
I also have and use a small Keeper Moon Cup and a small and a large LadyCup. I cut the stem entirely off the Moon Cup because it was poking me and I don't need the stem for removal; I left the stem on the LadyCups because I can't get as good a grip on them and so I do need the stem for removal, but it pokes me.

The rim is stiffer than any of my other cups, so I have to keep a good hold on it during insertion and when it pops open, it thwacks the back of my bladder (momentary ow). I will say there's no problem getting it to pop open. *rolls eyes*

Very comfortable! Usually can't tell it's there even when I'm thinking about it. (Other cups, I can feel the stem or base.) I haven't had any leaking with it so far. One oddity: today the cup was sitting slightly differently than usual, and I couldn't pee. Sitting there on the toilet, full bladder, could tell my body was trying to pee but nothing came out--the feeling was a little like having a UTI. I finally removed the cup and was able to pee with no problem then, so I think it may have been pressing on my urethra. But as I say, when I've worn the cup before it has sat higher and that hasn't been an issue.

Removal: This is where it gets tricky. The cup only has two holes under the rim, and I think having more holes to help break the suction would be better. Also, sometimes it rides high in my vagina and the ball is hard to get a good grip on (it gets slippery with vaginal fluid, of course). The first time, I ended up having to use a rubber glove in order to get a better grip! I think the ring option might be a better choice for ease of removal than the ball, but I haven't tried one myself.

Verdict: I like it as long as I can make sure I'll be at home when it's time to empty it (this is not something I have to worry about with my other cups). Luckily I have a light flow and only need to empty any cup morning and evening. Also, the price can't be beat even with transoceanic shipping, and I like the colors they're coming out with. And the person I corresponded with at the company was very friendly and helpful (and even complimented my German *grin* ).

Lined up on the edge of my tub from tallest to shortest: large LadyCup, small US MoonCup, small LadyCup, small MeLuna. Please excuse the darkening on my Moon Cup--it is clean, just stained.

There have been a lot of questions about ordering. When I ordered mine I completed the order process on the website, then emailed the company to ask what email address to use to send the money via PayPal. (Their website says you can use PayPal, but it doesn't show up as an option when you're making an international order, or at least it didn't a month ago, which is why I emailed them to get the address.) That worked fine, and it shipped out quickly.

(Mods et al.: I threw on what tags looked relevant, feel free to add or remove tags as you see fit.)
Tags: customer service, insertion, meluna, removal, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, where to buy

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