9puppies (9puppies) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Obtain a MeLuna US

Very new here...not sure how to put this in the 'where to buy' category, sorry.  Is there any way for a person in the US to obtain a meLuna?  From reading here it seems purchasing from meluna.eu might be a (daunting) possibility, but that femininewear doesn't have them yet.  When she does, will she be able to ship them to the US?  Thanks so much for your patience.

*Background*  Tried a Diva 2.  It is wonderful on dry runs and first cycle day... don't know it's there and it stays put.  The cervix drops so low by day two that there is way too much cup protruding plus it begins to migrate down rapidly when it has 1/2 ounce in it.  I'm 46,  9 vag births, very heavy bleeder for about 15 hours so the meluna would have to be emptied hourly but that's ok.

Update:  Thank you all!  Will wait for Teresa to get them in.  To Teresa; Congratulations and take your time!
Tags: meluna, where to buy

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