eileen722 (eileen722) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette vs. Lady?

I've been reading a lot of posts on here, but still, I'm not sure what to choose..

I'm 15, a virgin and have no problem using tampons, though cups seem so much more convenient!
ob tampons is what my mom's always used so about 2 years ago I started using them.. I normally only wear the regulars, even on my heaviest day and can leave them in for 6+ hours
I was thinking a LadyCup would be fine with its capacity, but as far as I've read they are hard to take out, because its really smooth and you are suppost to take them out after 5 hours..? (this is just what I've read, so correct me if I'm wrong!)
So, then I decided Lunette, because the two don't look all that different, but I live in USA. by the time it got approved here, I might as well have gotten the Lady and just made it work..

do you have any suggestions? would waiting for the Lunette really be worth it? LadyCups come in pretty colors.. but why would I need to take it out after 5 hours? TSS? [I though cups had like no TSS at all..]
any help at all between the two, or any other that might work better for me would be great!

sorry for so many questions, and thanks in advance!

Tags: brand comparisons, lady cup, lunette
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