sugar_drop21 (sugar_drop21) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is it possible to just not be cut out to use a cup?

I finally have the money to get a cup. (yay!) 

So then I was thinking, well what if I just can't use it?  I was reading "The virgin's guide to cups"- which really helped by the way-but I can't get past step 3.  And if I can't get past step 3 how am I ever going to be able to use a cup?  So then I thought what if I just bought it before I get weak and buy something else I really don't need with this money lol, and maybe I will try one day and it will just work.  But what if it doesn't work and there goes 20 bucks down the drain.  I'm just looking for some advice here on whether or not I should buy the cup, have any of you ladies had a similar experience?
Tags: age, lady cup, links, virginity

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