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I'm new to this community and I'm German. As I see many of you are interested in getting a Meluna but can't understand the information on their website. I just want to let you know all the color (red, transparent, purple, orange, green, blue and black) and stem options will be available by wednesday in sizes S and M (sizes are now called S, M and L instead of S, L and XL). And they say the first option of the size L Meluna will be available by mid-august, too.
They also say by request they will probably create special editions like golden or silver cups. And as I've seen a lot of you guys aren't sure about payment: You can pay via Paypal.
I hope that helps :) 


oh I almost forgot: they also give a lot of information about sterilization. that's what they say:

- you can boil it (1-2 minutes, you might add some salt)
- microwave
- peroxide (up to 12%)
- vinegar (up tp 3%)

and they say the only things that can damage meluna are direct sun light and temperatures over 140°C. unlike silicon cups, oil doesn't do any harm to meluna, you can even use olive oil for insertion.
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