Shelley French (blue_squiggle) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Shelley French

A cup for my long-time-suffering mum?

Since getting my small LilacCup I have been very happy with it, I LOVE MENSTRUAL CUPS!! I have spoken to my mum about it a lot too.. and she seems very interested in the idea as she HATES pads.

I've decided I'm going to get her one, and as she doesn't go on websites such as this she won't know how the best way to insert, different folding methods, emptying/cleaning in public toilets, and all the other tips I have discovered on here which can't be found on the small leaflet which comes with a cup.. so I am going to have a look through the memories and print out some things which would be useful to her when I purchase one.

I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out with what cup to get her...

+ She is 46 years old
+ She has VERY heavy periods, she can usually feel it coming out in gushes, and she'll have to change her pad even if she has changed it within the last hour - as usually it is completely filled once she has felt the dreaded 'gush'. When she is on her period it completely disables her, she can't go swimming, she can't bike, she doesn't like to go out too much incase she leaks, she can't wear tampons as in the past they have started to significantly migrate downwards and she was too scared to use them after that. So from that, I hope you realise just how heavy her periods are!
+ She was very sexually active when she was younger (good on her!! :D)
+ She has give birth to two children.. I was a caeserean, my brother was a twin but she miscarried the twin and my brother was born prematurely - although I think she still had to have an episiotomy whilst giving birth to him.
+ Me and my mum are both similar in body shape, except for I am taller.. although obviously I have no idea about her downstairs, I wasn't even born from there lol!! At pure guesswork I would have chosen a larger LadyCup for her, seeing as my small one is so nice for me, but as her periods are so heavy I am thinking a cup with a larger capacity is needed.. and maybe one with more suction as tampons have failed her in the past... although I am not sure if more suction is what she needs! I was thinking on a large DivaCup but I'm just not sure..

I really want to do this for her as although it is a bit too late in her life (if this works I know she will be gutted as she has suffered for so long with pads and tampons), at least she might have some peace before her menopause starts!!
Do you think a cup would work for her?
Has anyone else suffered with the above and has a success story about getting a cup?

Any help would be awesome! :)
Tags: buying decisions, family & friends, heavy blood flow, seal & suction
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