mom2two83 (mom2two83) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is it possible that a LC Large doesnt fit?

A little Background.

Im 25yr old with two children born vaginally over 8 pounds I gave a dry run w/ my LC small and was able to catch CM in the cup (was close to Ovulation) so, I would say I was successful. Last night I decided to give my Large a try after I just ordered a MeLuna. I attempted inserting the large with a punch down fold c fold and 7 fold. I feel it pop and  open I try and give it a twist and  and it jst slides out. I tried not giving it a twist and it still came out. I tried sitting on the toilet and inserting or laying down and even squatting. I am scared that Large may not be my size and I just ordered a MeLuna in Size  Medium which seems to be similar in size as the Lady cup Large.
Tags: buying decisions, coloured lady cups, first time use, meluna, removal, sizes/size issues
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