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First time cup user

OK... I have a slight problem.I bought my mooncup a cople of weeks ago and this is my first month with it. I'm not at the end of my period yet and the damned thing is so unconftable. Normaly it's fine but as soon as I forget about it and think its all fine something sticks where it's not ment to. The stem which I keep trimming seems fine at first but it goes off to the side and pokesall around in places I dont think its ment to. It woudnt be so bad if it wasnt so sharp.It seems no natter what I do with it the edges of the snip on the stem are sharp. The anoying thing is I can take it out and put it back easly I was gettong over the feeling it might fall out, The lack of big builky pads and the waste that causes, the fact theres no mess and i've never felt so clean during that time of the month and I might have to go back to all the problems I had before if I cant get this daned cup to stay still and not need to be squiged back. Well I am now desprate and want to keep this lovely clean feeling but get rid of the feeling i'm being poked from the inside out.


P.S i'm dyslexic and almost blind. My spelling is teribble.
Tags: chafing/irritation
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