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...Problems with parents...

 Hey. I've been lurking here for.....4 months now. I am coming out of the shadows. WHEE.

Anyways, I'm 14 years old (virgin...obviously), currently using tampons, and I really want to switch to cups. I;ve down 3 months worth of research on them and they sound so much better, as I have a paranoa of sleeping with tampons and getting TSS because I sleep like...10 hours a day (yes, I sleep way to much) and I hate the anticipation of your period coming. Like, I went to the waterpark a day before my period was supposed to start, and I was in constant fear of the water around me going red.
I think they seem really great and not nasty at all (I never found them nasty. o_o. My friendswere like...EWWW. How are they less nasty then pads? Really, I have trouble understanding why people find them nasty. With pads, you can still see the blood and you squish in it whenever you sit down, and tampons, you still see a red little stick of cottom. I've even seen a cup full of fluid. It's just red fluid and maybe a small clot.....They dont seem anymore evasive them a nonapplicator tampon [btw, ob tampns are horrible for me]).

Ok well...First problem, my mother wont let me use them. At all. Shes old fashioned and believes nothing goes in your vagina till youre married and want kids. She doesnt even approve of tampons. She just puts up with the fact that I use them. She says "You're too young for such techniques". She's also very protective of my 'innocence'. She didnt reallly even explain to me why I cant use them, just using vague replies and saying "When you're older, like maybe 20".
I tell her I want to feel more comfortable and better during my period and not wake up, go to the washroom, wash my panties, and then spot wash the sheet. She retaliates "You're not supposed to feel comfortable during your period. You should use naturel things like pads" (yah, cause having plasticy-cottony material mixed with your own menstrual fluid next to your skin is more 'naturel'). Anyways, she said to stop arguing and she'll 'do some research on the subject to decide'. I gave her some websites and pamphlets, and now she thinks I want to use it because "I saw it in an ad". -Sigh-. She also said "Did they teach you about this in school?". They didn't, but I lied and said "yes", and I think I somehow made it worse....
I would really like to get used to them before school starts in four weeks because then it would be harder to try them, what with the fact that I'm starting high school. My next cycle is in two weeks. D=
Any tips on persuading my mom? Or getting around her because I obviously cant boil a cup in the kitchen..

Ok, second problem. I was contemplating ignoring my mom and buying a cup from a local store (cant buy online, have no cards...). I live in Canada, so the only cup I can buy that way is a DivaCup. Its also very expensive  (45$ incl. tax), and me, being 13, cannot afford something like that without knowing its good. So, I think I have an average vagina length ( I heard that divacups are extremly long). I have trouble reaching my cervix, but I have rather small hands, so I think it evens itself out.  But I heard that Divas are pretty big, and I am extremly tight(barely fit two fingers in there), so...
what fold should I try first? I dont want to try a fold and have trouble getting out when I figure out the base is too wide to go in there. Like, when I first tried tampons, it hurt like hell getting it in and had to stop midway and take it out multiple times.
Any experiances with divacups? Bad and good...???

First...QUESTION~~ Are there any all about cups? Other then the 'steep learning curve' and 'more hands-on approach'. I have no problem with either. Is there anything bad at all? I've been trying to find some on the internet, because I'm one of those people that research EVERYTHING. Anything AT ALL about cups that are BAD? not healthy? wear and tear? leaching chemicals? I'm beginning to think this is like the perfect feminine hygiene product, because there seem to be no cons.

Long post, I know. I just need some help. I'm usually very independent, but my mom is being impossible right now.

I'm screwed: I was browsing some menstrual cup sites, and while on the ladycup one, i accidently bought I did it? No idea. But I acidentally ordered one, but I didnt pay for it. I'm so confused. So...I havd a panic attack because obviously I cant buy one and if it comes, it'll be really weird. ARGH. How will I pay for it? o_o
Anyways, so, I sent like....three emails to them asking them on how to cancel an order.
I paniced and I unregistered my account.
I wonder...will it still come? I dont get the payment method of "cash in advance"....what does that mean????
i am seriously panicing right now. DO?
I'm not sure if anyone can help, but I just need to vent.
Tags: buying decisions, divacup, family & friends, virginity

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