Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cups and "Mental Pause?"

When the heck did I get so old?  I don't feel 51.

I am several days late and that is VERY unusual for me.  I don't feel any usual warning signs or symptoms either so now I'm wondering if this could be my first menopausal skipped period.  I don't know.  Questions I'm asking myself are: Will I skip it completely?  Will it return next month?  Will I spot?  Will my cycle become irregular?  Or will my period just "click OFF" the same way it clicked ON as a teen?  Only time will tell.

But thank goodness for my cups!

Now that I might have reached The End, I can wear one "just in case" if I'm feeling particularly paranoid.  Or if I'm going out to an event (like this weekend.)  Or if I show signs of spotting/bleeding (not yet.)  And unlike in pre-cup days, I don't need to carry an arsenal of disposable products "just in case."

Because I only discovered menstrual cups a scant 16 months ago (and therefore I'm always psyched that so many of you have discovered cups at such young ages), I'm a little disappointed that I only got to "play with my new toys" for such a short time but I must say that cups made my periods more pleasant.  My favorite part is that I can go in and out of the ladies room -- and especially the porta-potty at my outdoor job -- EMPTY HANDED.  I don't need to go one way to get "products" out of my purse and then the other way to use the porta-potty.  With my cup, I just go in, take care of business and return to what I was doing!  And no snide comments from the macho men I'm surrounded by.  :o)

So even though I might have (YIPPEE!) seen my last period, I don't think I'll be done with my cups for a while -- until I'm sure my body won't play a nasty "SURPRISE!" trick on me.

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