salviaviech (salviaviech) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time use!!

Hey girls,

After my Mooncup arrived some weeks ago, my period started yesterday and I could finally try it :D!

I used the pinch fold to insert it, and everything worked great!
I used some toilet paper for backup, but it turned out i didn't need it. The previous mentioned "super suction" sealed tight, and when i got home, i could remove it with just a little bit of pulling and squeezing. :3 Nothing was spilt at all!

I showed my boyfriend, but sadly, he didn't share my exitement.

However, washing it works great, folding/popping open works great, and until now, i've left the stem intact because i don't feel it at all.

I even forgot it and slept without emptying, and, besides of collecting a larger amount of blood, nothing happened.

I'm SO happy with my Mooncup <3

Thank you so much for helping me decide!
Thank you for introducing me to the greatest way of menstrual hygiene!
Tags: first time use, mooncup (uk)
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