patchishere (patchishere) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Just making sure.

Ok I have a question, This is the second period I've owned a diva cup for, But I'm yet to actually use it, I actually saved up for a few months to get it, (I'm 17 and I don't get an allowance, so yeah) Well I figured it would be scary and difficult at first, So I prepared myself for that, Have been reading this forum for months, And I still have a question (maybe a couple, but I don't know about those yet, just one for now) How on God's dear earth is a cup that I can fit three fingers into supposed to fit in a hole I can fit ONE finger into? How does that work? did I just order a cup that was way too big? (the cup is a Diva cup type one, y'know prechild birth, So I figured it would be ok...)

Btw, I'm 17 and still a virgin, and if it helps at all, I know my mom can't use tampons because Of a failed attempt at using them when she was like 12 because Her opening was too small or the hymen was in the way, I'm not sure if that applies here, but she has been warning me off tampons FOR that reason since before I was having my periods.... yeah.... (she actually had to have the tampon surgically removed because it was so stuck)
Tags: divacup, first time use, virginity
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