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Lunette Group Order - CLOSED

I posted this as a comment to my previous post, but I thought maybe I should post it on it's own.

I'm putting together a Lunette group order. We need to order 10 cups. As I write this, we have 3. I'm copying the comment here:

I've created a Google Doc to collect orders. Please only sign up if you're committed to buying a cup. I'll place an order when I get 10 cup orders. If that doesn't happen, I won't. I'll confirm with everyone before ordering.

I quickly looked up shipping rates and shipping looks to be between 3-5 dollars. So total price for one cup will be between $28-$30. Shipping shouldn't be more than $5 even if buying more than one cup. I think 4-5 cups could easily fit in a 4.95 flat rate box.

If this works for you, please sign up.


It should be noted that we cannot order Lunette Selenes.

EDIT: I've read a few questions. I'll try to use PayPal, but I've never used it before to receive payment so someone will have to help me out there.

I'll receive the Lunette's, repackage them, and send them out to whatever address you give me as soon as I get them.

I'd prefer to have payment before I place the order to make sure I'm not getting stuck with extra Lunettes, but I'll try to accommodate special circumstances.

Once I get 10 orders on the Google Doc, I'll email those people and we can make arrangements.


UPDATE: We've reached our order limit. Thanks!
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