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A cup for my little sister!

So, my mother and I were discussing periods and how you should handle them with my little sister today. Shes 12, 13 in about a month, and has had her period for a little under a year. My mom bought it up because she just did my sister's laundry and found her underware all stained from her last period. My sister got sort of angry at my mother, who won't let her use tampons, for lecturing her since she isn't giving her any other options. My mom got pretty grossed out and so my sister came to me to talk.

My mother told me not to mention the cup to my sister, because my mother is extremely closed minded on the subject of menstruation, but I explained to my sister that she really shouldn't use tampons because they aren't very good for your insides. She asked me if there were any other options aside from disposable pads and I told her there was but that mom didn't want me to tell her about it. She already knows about reusable pads and thinks they're weird... but shes 12, so thats understandable. She doesn't like the idea of carrying a bloody pad around with you until you get home and can wash it.

Now, my sister is pretty physically active. This is one of the main reasons she doesn't like pads. They make her itch, and when shes running around, she often has to stop and shift them back into place since they move around. The moving around also causes leaks. Also, she sleeps on her back, and doesn't like waking up with bloody sheets because she wasn't able to sleep on her tummy all night.

I know shes young, and I know my mother said not to tell her about cups, but I did anyway. At first she laughed at the idea, but then she started seeing the benefits of it as well. She saw the eco-friendly aspect right off the bat before I even mentioned it, and was really excited about the fact that it means she won't have to carry around pads in her purse. She was intimidated by the cup I showed her, the small Diva, but I told her that cups come in MUCH smaller sizes than that, and that one was made for older people like me. She wanted to see, so I showed her the small LadyCup and MeLuna cups in comparison to the small Diva. Like many others, she absolutely loves the MeLuna website and wants the purple model with the ball stem. I told her I'd get it for her birthday, but here is where my big problem is: I leave for college in about 3 weeks.

I'd love to move my sister over to cups. She is very excited about it, and just loves the idea. But I don't want to get it for her and then go off to school. My mother has apparently placed parental restrictions on her text messaging, and so she can't text certain words(so silly!), so we came up with a secret phrase already... if she needs help, she will text me "I need help with my cookies! Please call me!" and thats that. I'm just concerned that she'll freak out or something to that extent and that no one will be able to help her, because my mother isn't cup-friendly.

While I'd really like to wait until the XL comes out so that I can order both cups together, but I'd rather have her cup for her so that she can use it on her period and come to me in person with any questions rather than on the phone. I can't show her a better fold on the phone, and I can't demonstrate which angle might be a better way to insert, and I can't give her an encouraging hug on the phone either.

Also, heres a question from her, what size should she get? She goes through about 3 maxi pads per 24 hour day on her period, but since she moves around so much, she leaks. We were leaning towards the small of either the LadyCup or MeLuna, and are ready to order, but I'm not sure that her period won't be too heavy for these cups. I suppose this is a silver lining to having the XL out later, so that if she has to change the cup too often, I can just order her the next size up if she needs it. We looked at the charts in comparison to tampons, but she only uses pads.

Pretty much any insight into going from pads to cups would be helpful, preferably from the youngest users on the site, or those of you who have young daughters/sisters who you've given the cup to with success.

Edit: Just wanted to add that while my mother won't buy her tampons for her to use, she has used them before when a pad wasn't available. Its not that she isn't comfortable with penetration, but that my mother isn't comfortable with making it readily available to her, due to her own experiences. My mother got a tampon stuck in her after somehow pulling the string off, hence her apprehension on letting my sister, or myself, use them. She wouldn't buy them for me until I got to high school, and even then she only wanted me to use them for swimming, but since I ran track, pads were just inconvenient. Sorry if that didn't make sense the first time, just thought I'd clarify.

Also, its only for protective reasons that my mother doesn't want her to use a cup, but the things she wants to protect her from aren't really applicable in the same way that they are with tampons.
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