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helloooo, diva!

So, I finally gave in and bought a cup - I hate the feel of pads, and my cervix is kind of off to the side so I tend to bleed down the side of even super tampons and leak within just an hour or two, and I have enough friends who use cups and like them that I figured it's worth a try.  And so yesterday afternoon I wandered over to the local natural foods co-op to pick up a Divacup.

I've always been a bit shy about buying tampons and pads and things and I was afraid I was going to be super embarrassed about buying a cup, but it turned out I didn't need to be worried - the girl at the checkout picked it up and went "oh, these things are awesome!  Is this your first one?"  I told her yes, and she kind of gave a nod of approval and said, "Don't worry, It'll probably be a little difficult at first, but stick with it - it's totally worth it!"  And then she gave me a big smile and proceeded to ring me up.

That totally made my day.  I know a lot of the people in this community purchase online, but have any of you gotten interesting reactions (good or bad) when buying in person?

(oh, and so far, using it is going really well.  I'm a virgin, and I was expecting insertion/removal to be painful and to totally squick me out the first few times, but it hasn't... I think that this community's advice to "get to know your vagina" a bit before attempting ot use a cup was REALLY helpful.)
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