7thstreet_girl (7thstreet_girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new keeper: i can hear air coming out, then it leaks

this is my second question today--i'm a new cup user. i really appreciate everyone's feedback!

sometimes i hear air escaping from my vagina. it seems to happen if i get up from sitting/reclining to go pee, and when i sit on the toilet, it leaks a bit. i feel around in there, and the cup is fully open. not sure what else to do. no matter where i place it, it does it's own thing once it's in. sometimes it seems to ride low, other times it gets sucked way up in there and i really have to dig in to remove it. either way, my vagina is always very tightly gripping it, so much so that it's impossible for me to turn it once it's in. so i don't think the problem is that it's too small for me....

last night i had a really, really messy leak--woke up to blood all over at 6 AM (i posted about this earlier).

my cup is a small keeper, btw, and i've never had a baby.
Tags: insertion, keeper, leakage & spotting, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, urination
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