kelleysunshine (kelleysunshine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New with a question!!!

Hi! Ive been followng this community for a while, tryign to decide which cup I wanted and so forth... I decided on a Miacup and got it in today (yay!)

Now, I gave birth vaginally 9 and a half months ago so i got the model 2. Im still exclusively breastfeeding so i have yet to recieve my cycle yet... So anyways, I popped it in for a dry run, left it in awhile and took it out after about 2 hours? It was a little difficult to get out, I couldnt seem to break the suction, Id pull it down and try to pinch the bottom but it was suctioned in! I cant get my forefinger and thumb in there, I have to kind of "scissor" it with my forefinger and middle finger... Is this normal? youd think I wouldnt be so tight after giving birth... =p Anyway when I took it out, there was some discharge in it and a little blood looking stuff... strange...

ANyway, my second dry run, I just put it in and took it out, there was some blood. Not much, just some up by the rim and such... I dont think I scratched myself because I dont hurt down there or feel sore... but any clue as to what this blood is? Like I said Im NOT expectign a period and have not yet recieved one... Im quite baffled.
Tags: blood - other uses, dry run, miacup, removal

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