7thstreet_girl (7thstreet_girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

MESSY overnight leak-help!

I just started using a cup (Keeper). I can finally get it in without a struggle (7-fold) and once it's in, it's comfortable and works fine (although I think it may be moving when I go from lying to standing, as I've read other people have that issue). A couple questions:

1) I had a MAJOR leak overnight. At 6 AM I woke up and there was blood everywhere. Do I just need to wear a pad, too, overnight on the heavy days?

2) I keep reading about "turning" it after you put it in. But as soon as it's in, it's so tight I can't move it at all--may vagina grips it so firmly.

Any tips? My roommate, the one who introduced me to cups, has been using hers for years and has never had a leak. I would love to have that experience!

Tags: keeper, leakage & spotting

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