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Measuring Your Eaxct Flow

My cycle just started yesterday.   So far so good for my return to cups.   Anyway, just for kicks (and out of curiosity), every time I empty my cup, I first measure my flow.  I simply have a piece of paper that I tape to the wall, and I just hold the cup up to the paper (bottom of the cup level with the bottom of the paper), and mark a line where the top of the flow is.  After my cycle is over, I think I’ll measure out each amount in water, and then measure the entire total, just to see the full amount that I lose in a whole cycle.  I guess I’m just curious to know my exact flow level throughout the week.  I’m halfway through the second day, and already I’ve marked off enough to completely fill 2 DivaCups.  The first two days and the last day are my lightest, so my heaviest days will be tomorrow and the next day.  Based on this, I…  Guess my flow could be considered a bit heavy??  I don’t know why I’m doing it really.   I guess just because prior to cups, I’ve never been able to.  Always sort of wished I could, I don’t know if that’s odd, lol. 

Does anyone else measure?  How do you do it?  Do you measure every cycle, or do you feel it would be too much hassle?


Tags: blood - other uses, divacup, heavy blood flow

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