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One sided / lopsided cramp and diluted leakage?

Hi, second time posting here and a new cup user.  I recently purchased a set of small and large LadyCups which arrived mid-cycle and this is my first cycle on them.  Main point of this post is to ask about one-sided cramps as related to cup usage, but I thought I would throw in some other background info too and a secondary question.

The first day (yesterday), I started with the small LadyCup as my cervix is usually low (it also sits to the left) and there were no cramps as a result.  However, there was some "light" leakage (more than just spots) of fresh red - almost like blood diluted with a clear fluid.  Nothing dark.  Wiping after insertion or throughout the day would always result in some of this diluted blood on the TP.

Second day (today) started out ok with the same leaks.  Then when I was in class, I started to feel a cramp on my right side, and my normal menstrual cramps are never lopsided.  The cramps grew and I felt a gush near the end of class.  I went to the restroom afterwards and saw the same diluted blood on my pad, but wiping produced much darker blood.  I got home and found out the small cup had reached the lowest LadyCup holes.  So seeing how only the length of one class was able to fill the small cup, I switched to the large cup.  Inserted it and the cramp on the right side felt worse.  Actually as I was inserting, I could feel it cramping when the cup touched the right wall.  Throughout the hour after insertion, the cramp spread from the right to the right-front of the abdomen, below the belly button.

I just finished reading through a bunch of posts with the leakage and cramping tags and decided to find my cervix and re-insert to catch it.  It turns out my cervix is higher up today and sitting quite to the left.  So far no cramps yet after re-insertion. 

I guess long post short: 

Q1: Has anyone experienced cramping only on one side from the cup?  Or has anyone with a lopsided cervix experienced cramping only on the OPPOSITE side?  I have made sure that the stem is sitting outside the body so it's not the stem poking around in there.

Q2: Does everyone who have leaking have this "diluted" blood?  Is that normal?

Tags: cramps, leakage & spotting

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