Guardian (guardian_erin) wrote in menstrual_cups,

It's going to explode.

So I got my Diva cup today. I've been reading through this site for a while. I am a virgin and really tight so I have been really adventurous and gone for two fingers (argh it's fine but I hate it) and have used the punch-down fold and gotten in to the widest part of it which is more than I thought. I should probably try to get that widest bit in but I don't know if I can. Will I still be able to push in the open cup if it opens at that point or should I keep working at things until the wide part goes in, too before I let it open up so it will be in further?

Now what is scaring me is when I let go and the thing pops. It's going to explode my hymen, isn't it. I knew it. D: Are there going to be pieces coming out? And how much does that hurt usually? Give it to me straight.

Edit: When I say explode I don't mean like a dynamite charge. I mean a sudden painful burst. What is with the imagery?
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