Stef (morningapproach) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Weight and Choosing a Cup

I have been contemplating a menstrual cup for a while now as a reusable option for my period - cloth pads are not an option at the moment since we live in an apartment without our own washer/dryer.  My only problem is that I am a plus sized girl (hovering around 200lbs)  and I am concerned both about comfortably removing and inserting my cup AND about how my weight will affect my use.  I wear tampons comfortably, is it reasonable to assume that a good cup would be equally comfortable? 

Also, do you have a recommendation for a good cup? I have tried the Instead before and DID NOT like it at all. they sell the DivaCup locally and I am going to be starting my period later on this week (I was thinking about picking one up after work tomorrow) or if there is a cup (sold in Canada preferably, whether online or in stores) that you think might be better suited. I haven't given birth yet, and I am 26.

Thanks :)
Tags: buying decisions, sizes/size issues
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