Run-Around Sue (asicry) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Run-Around Sue

hey everyone! this is my first post to this community. I just had a period where I used a menstrual cup for my very first time - (I bought a Diva Cup at the local Mother Earth). I liked it a lot in comparison to tampons BUT I feel as though I would be much happier with something else, but with so many brand options I am feeling really overwhelmed. I thought maybe if I could tell you all some of my complaints you all might have some recommendations for me!

First off I need to say that I had no leaking which was great!

My problems: (with diva size small)

1. difficult for me to get in - I tried every fold imaginable and it still felt like I was jamming something up my vagina.

2. once I got it in I assumed it popped open (I did not hear anything or feel anything like my friend told me she hears when hers pops open) - I know it says to turn it once it is in, but it WILL NOT turn

3. It feels like it is pushing out against the walls of my inner vagina and gives me almost like a second area of cramps

Any suggestions?
Tags: chafing/irritation, cramps, insertion - painful or problems

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